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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Our ASP series Asphalt Batch With large years of expertise and is strictly built with customer focused design.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant is ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing of asphalt that is mainly used for road construction and other civil construction. Asphalt is prepared by mixing appropriate proportion of aggregates, sand and stone dust, heated and then appropriate promotion of bitumen is mixed on standard temperature and then it is transported to work site.

ASP Series Plants are outfitted with the latest technology, quality components, process controls, automation and proven our performance. ASP series plants hence outstandingly Guarantees – Huge power savings, Highest Fuel Efficiency with auto modulating burner, Reliability, Field proven efficient counter flow drier drum – technology for 3-D mixing, Internationally complying pollution control system, Lower Maintenance, User Friendly SCADA System -“ Fully computerized automatic process controls and much more. Plus, with any our product you get our unbeatable customer service and spares support anywhere across the globe.

Complete range of models available for rated Capacity 60 – 240 TPH. Capacities below 128 TPH and beyond 240 TPH are tailor made.


FAB – INDIA INDUSTRIES premium asphalt batch mix plant requires complex process engineering which in turn depends on the perfect interaction between all the components. Hence it is essential that FAB – INDIA INDUSTRIES manufactures all the vital parts of plant including burner, mixer, screen, Drum, filters, feeders, and controls.

Drying drum

  • Robust, compact and Highly reliable
  • Energy/Fuel efficient
  • Driven by 4 wheel sprocket chain/pulley
  • Easily operated
  • Alloy material is used to protect against wear and tear
  • Specially design flights to provide uniform transfer of heat to different size aggregates
  • High productivity through specially designed burner and inner parts of drum


  • Optimized flow and Low maintenance
  • High temperature resistant Nomex filter bags are used which can bear temperature up to 200c
  • Long filter life
  • Improvised thermal insulation
  • Compact, less volume with bigger filtration area
  • Recycling of coarse and fine materials
  • System works automatically and operated fully from control cabin


The inclined circular motion vibrating screens with patented vibrating screen design, contribute to top notch performance and gives minimum clogging of screen sieves. The free floating screen design prevents vibrations from being transferred to the weighing scales. A accessible wide platform eases the maintenance of the screens.

Hot bin unit is equipped with highly efficient low maintenance pneumatic controls with High and Low level indicators in Control Cabin with system integration allow for automatic controls of the aggregate input from cold feeder bins thus minimizing material loss by wastage.

Highly reliable weighing systems with low maintenance load cells and an easy calibration system makes the ANP series highly popular.

The 3 D mixer unit is the heart of the ANP plant and has a large live zone, realizing a quick and even mixing of asphalt. The mixer unit is hot oil jacketed and supplied with a low-maintenance oil-bath type chain drive.

The paddles, arms and tips are made of wear resistant High Nickel Hardened cast alloy steel. The design of the mixer internals ensures a lower operating cost.

Hot stone bin sampling trays (optional) and a complete batching tower dust scavenging are standard in all the ANP series plant.

System works automatically and operated fully from control cabin.

Bitumen tanks

  • Protection from heat by perfect jacketed piping
  • Jacketed bitumen pump
  • Heat control via thermostatic valves
  • Level indicators for bitumen
  • Thermal coil system
  • Bitumen feeding system by pneumatic way

FAB – INDIA INDUSTRIES is an expert in the field of Asphalt Batching plant providing all solutions to your problems. You connect with us and we continue our services to you through life time.


  • Highly reliable quality
  • Easily operated and Minimum maintenance
  • Wide area for the material to flow
  • Driving is done by vibrato or eccentric weight system
  • Perfectly design inner part that hinders mixing of different sizes of materials
  • Easily changeable sieves, useful doors platforms
  • Provided with proper tension and inclination that aids in homogeneous distribution of load and trouble free capacity

Cold bin feeder

  • Each bin feeder is having 50t capacity
  • Strong , durable and Equipped with Variable frequency drive
  • Easy to operate
  • Anti-bridging design for uniform flow
  • Vibrating motor for easy flow of fine material
  • Grid use for preventing coarse minera


  • Twin shaft type mixer is used
  • Made from Ni-hard 4 material which is tough and long life guarantee
  • Gates with pneumatic system
  • Simultaneous working parallel double shaft enhances proper mixing of asphalt with minerals

Weighing unit

  • Aggregate, filler and foreign fine materials are weighed separately
  • It is equipped with load cells for bitumen also


The ANP series plants are supplied with a standard dual stage pollution control systems, comprising of a twin cyclonic separators and a secondary bag house filter.

All ANP series plant are supplied with ” Freedom”, a stage – of – the “- art free air flow type bag house filter unit. Freedom Bag house filters are envied in the industry for their guaranteed savings on power, lower maintenance, trouble free service and strict conformance to stringent environmental norms.


  • Emission less than 50 mg / Nm³
  • Lower Dust loads on bag house filter due to effective removal of coarse dustparticles at primary stage
  • Longer bag filter life, due to reduced dust loads
  • Zero Maintenance design
  • Power savings
  • Filler recycling

FAB – INDIA INDUSTRIES as1 control system

FAB – INDIA INDUSTRIES has updated its control system for the cost-effective production of quality asphalt mix

As1 Benefits:

  • Used for batch as well as continuous plant
  • For easy understanding of Asphalt batch mix plant
  • Precise weighing of minerals
  • Timely reminder for maintenance
  • Easy to operate the plant
  • Clear visualisation of plant condition
  • Highly reliable operation


With us, customers can opt for direct heating type bitumen storage tanks or indirect heating type hot oil heated bitumen storage tanks. Storage capacity ranges from 15 to 50 tons.

The indirect heating tanks are supplied with a superior design thermic oil heater. The direct heating tanks are supplied with automatic imported pressure jet burner. As a standard all our tanks are supplied with auto thermostatic controls and level gauge indicators.


The ANP series plants are supplied with hot oil jacketing on bitumen pipe line, asphalt pump, bitumen weigh hopper section and pug mill body. Opting for hot oil heating reduces asphalt pump binding, asphalt pipeline blocking, smoother bitumen weigh batcher and smooth pug mill operations.

The thermic oil heaters are supplied with auto temperature control to maintain precise bitumen temperature. The thermic oil heater is supplied with independent automatic control including oil temperature indicator controller, low level switch, low circulation pressure switch, over temperature cut off thermostat burner operating circuits. Capacity range: up to 500,000 KCAL/HR.

Screens tanks

We offers a wide range (4-50 tons) of reclaim and foreign filler storage solutions. The filler from the silo is transported into the filler elevator on the batching tower, which then is weighed & mixed in the pug mill unit.

The filler from silos can optionally be supplied with filler feeding bucket elevator to suit bagged filler feeding. As a standard the filler silo are supplied with level indicators and process interlocks.


  • 4 / 5 / 6 pre batch feeder system fitted with independent variable drive electric motors and one bin fitted with vibratory motor
  • Fully insulated Dryer fitted with automatic silenced burner complete with infrared probe, pre heater and Dryer feeding conveyor
  • Hot elevator system
  • Four / Five deck vibratory screen
  • Four / Five hoppers for storage of hot aggregates
  • Aggregates, bitumen, filler and hot mix weighing unit
  • Bitumen storage and heating system with hot oil heat exchanger
  • Fully computerized control panel with PC, PLC, Video, Printer and power room
  • Bag type air pollution control system with NOMEX bag filters complete with exhauster and chimney
  • Filler elevator for recovered dust from bag filters
  • Hot mix silo with 2 compartments, discharge doors, intermediate hopper and level indicator

Technical Specification

Plant Model PER FAB 1000 FAB 1500 FAB 2000
Plant Capacity t/h 80-100 120 160
Batch Size kg 1000 1500 2000
Units Cycle time sec 45 45 45
Cold feed bins No. of Bins / Capacity nos./Ton 4 /12 4 /13 4 /15
Charging conveyor Capacity t/h. 100 140 180
Drive type Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive
Burner Type High Pressure. Fully Automatic,
High Pressure. Fully Automatic,
High Pressure. Fully Automatic,
Fuel Diesel / furnace oil Diesel / furnace oil Diesel / furnace oil
Capacity MW/hr. 12.5 14.1 14.1
Hot Elevator Capacity t/H. 100 140 180
Tower Unit
S creening Unit Screering method Inclined liner Vibration Inclined liner Vibration Inclined liner Vibration
No. of deck 4 4 4
Screening Capacity t/h . 100 140 180
Hot aggregate bin unit No. of bins 4 4 4
W eighing unit Aggregate hopper capacity kg 1200 1600 2000
Filler hopper capacity kg 300 300 300
Bitumen hopper capacity kg. 225 225 225
Mixer Unit Type Twin-Shaft hot oil jacketed Twin-Shaft hot oil jacketed Twin-Shaft hot oil jacketed
Mixer capacity kg. 1000 1500 2000
Bitumen pump lpm 600 800 800
Pollution Control Unit
Primary Type Centrifugal double cyclone Centrifugal double cyclone Centrifugal double cyclone
Secondary Type Bag House filer Bag House filer Bag House filer
Bag House filter Reverse Flow System Reverse Flow System Reverse Flow System
Filter area m2 385 400 450
Bitumen Tank Capacity Nos. / Ton 15 KL(2) 30 KL(2) 30 KL(2)
Fuel Tank Ltrs. 10,000 10,000 18,000 18,000
Control Pannel Type Fully computerized with
manual over-ride
Fully computerized with
manual over-ride
Fully computerized with
manual over-ride

Accessories (Optional*)

F iller Silo Capacity Range m3 15 / 17 / 20 / 22 15 / 17 / 20 / 22 15 / 17 / 20 / 22
Bitumen tanks Capacity Range m3 15 / 25 / 30 / 50 15 / 25 / 30 / 50 15 / 25 / 30 / 50
Heating System Direct Heating / Thermic oil heating Direct Heating / Thermic oil heating Direct Heating / Thermic oil heating
Thermic oil heater

Filler Elevator

Hot oil heater capacity




1,00,000 / 3,00,000


1.5,00,000 / 3,00,000


1.5,00,000 / 3,00,000


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